Fiction and Poetry Publications

July 26, 2016 a wonderful lit mag called Boned published my short story, “Taking the Bone.”

In June of 2016, a zine out of Chicago ran an excerpt from my never to be finished work, Bomb.

The 1888/Black Hill Press anthology from 2016, Cost of Paper vol 3, features my short story, “Stan of Changes,” amongst so much other great writing.

The 1888/Black Hill Press anthology from 2015, Cost of Paper vol 2, features Three Parables by me along with lots of other great work.

September, 2013 saw the publication of a poem of mine, “Treatise on the Art of Sexual Dialectic,” at the literary magazine Dead Flowers (an awesome mag with the tag line that they publish work that can serve as “an elegant fuck you”). This poem was written fourteen years ago but I have always loved it for its rhythm, flow, and use of language and I am so happy they liked it to and chose to publish it.

Most exciting publication to date, Andrei Condrescu personally read and published my work at his legendary online literary magazine, The Exquisite Corpse. He published an excerpt of my as yet unfinished novel The Pit; and no other stories. It is a work that appears on the surface to be a random story collection until all the various narratives fold in to each other, fold in to the Pit.

I have a short story in the inaugural issue of  Dark Matter a new journal of speculative fiction from the Department of Natural Science at the University of Houston. The story is called “Ars Moriendi” and it is the fourth parable in a series of parables I have written. You can download for free the whole first issue of Dark Matter Journal in pdf or e-book editions.

I am happy to have a poem in the new issue of Stone Highway Review, issue #1.3. The poem is titled “Untitled Painting #2” and it is part of a series of painting poems that allow readers to have a guided experience of a painting that only exists in that guided experience. The issue is available as a downloadable free pdf or for $6 in print.

Oddly, I was a published poet first, though the contract was signed for the sale of my first published short story before the Red River Review acceptance. My first short story, “Blacktop Eden,” was also published this August, 2011, in the Summer 2011 issue (Number 4) of Mayday Magazine, a wonderful web mag of fiction, poetry, essays, translations, and visual art.

I published my first poem, “hot dreams,” August of 2011. Not the first poem I had ever written, of course (composed in 2002 actually), just my first published, in the August 2011 issue of Red River Review.


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